Beers & Ciders

Try our extensive range of beers and ciders at the Catherine Wheel in Newbury

Homegrown Ciders

We’ve dedicated a great deal of time working with local cider brewers to design the perfect range of refreshing ciders. We take the ciders we serve very seriously and have taken advice from experts with decades of brewing experience to offer our customers an impressive line-up of quality ciders to suit every taste.

We also stock all of the big name ciders from the major brewery’s to ensure no matter what your choice in cider we have you covered.


Continental Craft Beers

Come and visit your one-stop-shop for all beer lovers in Newbury. Craft beer is going through something of a revolution recently, and we’ve bagged some of the best out there. From light and easy-drinking to rich, complex and interesting … there’s something here for every taste.